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Reach your full business potential with Splitgrid.

About the service

A toolbox for profitability

Splitgrid is the service that makes everyone a winner. The service is integrated with the store’s checkout system. Sold goods are compared with the supplier agreements and then the amounts are automatically calculated which should remain with the trader and be paid to the supplier. Even the property owner can receive the right compensation at the right time – a big advantage in turnover-based agreements.


The agreements are based on commission or a smart invoice with a long term and instalments. This means security for all parties – traders no longer have to tie up their capital in expensive inventories that can create liquidity problems. For the suppliers, the risk of non-payment is reduced and for all parties the conditions are created for increased volume and growth.

Expand the range – without increasing your costs

We give your store or e-commerce the conditions for a more profitable operation

Do you want to test a new brand but lack capital? Or maybe increase the assortment in your store or e-commerce without having to tie up capital in a warehouse? We have the solution. Splitgrid is synchronized with the cash register and reads what was sold by a supplier during the day. You then only pay for the goods sold.” we also minimize the administrative work, as reporting is sent out every week and enables automatic replenishment – so you can focus on sales instead. If you want, we can even help with bookkeeping . READ MORE ABOUT THE SERVICE

Become a winner with Splitgrid

The safe path to success

With our simple business model, we offer different types of commission agreements and give you as a supplier the right conditions to increase turnover and secure your payments. Splitgrid integrates with the store’s checkout system or e-commerce and in this way you as a supplier get paid either weekly or monthly when the store has sold your goods.

Posting a commission agreement with us takes 1 min. In other words, it’s simple. We also offer favorable invoice agreements.


3 reasons to choose Splitgrid


Better liquidity – with a commission agreement, the supplier gets his share automatically after the item is sold.

Released capital

Released capital when nothing is tied up in inventory (in the case of commission agreements)

No higher cost

The fee is low and is taken in commission agreements as a cost only on sold goods.


3 reasons to use Splitgrid

More secure payments

With our service, the rent is paid in installments daily when the store sells its goods. This not only reduces the risk of loss of income – it means less extra work with sending out reminders and demands. This method also reduces the need for large deposits.

. If we notice problems with the payments, we inform all parties early to be able to determine whether it is a temporary deviation or a permanent problem.

Lower vacancy rate

We offer business models that make it possible to combine fixed rental prices with turnover-based rental agreements. This means you can offer attractive low-risk models to new tenants, whether it's a pop-up or long-term.

Higher resilience

Splitgrid reduces the risk of seasonal liquidity and payment problems. This is because the trader receives lower fixed costs during the low season but pays more when business is going well.

Automatically distributes revenue between merchant and supplier

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How do you report Splitgrid at a supplier?

Use Splitgrid’s payout report as a basis for a zero invoice.

Who pays for Splitgrid's cost?

The cost is regulated between the store and the supplier (or other party). The adjustment usually takes place via a percentage distribution of the sales amount.

Do you have to use Splitgrid 100%?

No, you decide which brands or stores you want to sign up for.


If you as a store or supplier would like help with a little order and order, we ask you to use our support system, which you can reach via the button below.


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