About Splitgrid

Commission agreement is not complicated


We saw how merchants were struggling with liquidity problems and suppliers with high risk and uncertainty – and decided to solve the problems.

We are proud to be able to present an innovative solution to the needs on the market.

Our history

The seed that laid the foundation for Splitgrid was sown in 2015. Göran Eriksson, with a background in the retail industry and Jonas Forsman with experience in IT and finance, had identified problems in the retail industry. 
They saw how merchants struggled with liquidity problems—they needed to lock up capital in large, expensive inventories that didn’t pay for themselves until the products were sold. They also saw how suppliers were not paid for goods delivered. A situation that simply did not benefit either party. 

Over a number of breakfast meetings and meetings, Göran and Jonas began working on a digitized platform that could turn the situation around and make everyone a winner. A platform that would be integrated with the store’s cash register or e-commerce system and automatically ensure payments between merchant, supplier and landlord. Splitgrid was launched in 2017 and has since helped traders and suppliers throughout Sweden to more profitable business.

Splitgrid stands for

Knowledge, Safety and


We work actively to contribute to an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable environment.

The platform

Through our digital service, we can create a more planned and sustainable trade in goods – and contribute to reduced overproduction.

With Splitgrid, the supplier and trader have control over the inventory.
The supplier has the ability to shift inventory to optimize sales performance, creating a balanced inventory that not only maximizes sales, but also keeps inventory levels down.

Inventory balances that can be read in the system provide the opportunity for safer forecasts for producers and suppliers. Everything to minimize overproduction and increase profitability.

On Splitgrid

In the workplace, we have a low consumption of office supplies and reuse what we can. Through climate-smart, conscious choices, we have lowered our energy costs in the office. If we can, we like to go by train to our physical meetings.

We constantly strive for a socially sustainable and safe workplace. At us, diversity and community are highly valued – social sustainability is about creating a sense of participation and community.