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The easy way to more profitable business

Do you want to take your sales to a new level? Take up more space on store shelves by offering a wider range – and get greater opportunities for increased turnover?

We have created a business model to give you the best conditions for profitable and secure business. Splitgrid gives you the opportunity to distribute more goods to stores, with minimal risk of non-payment.

With Splitgrid integrated into the stores’ checkout system or e-commerce, you as a supplier receive your share of the sales revenue paid daily, weekly or monthly, together with a report on the sales and the store’s inventory. 

The agreements are based either on commission, invoice or a combination of both – for example, seasonal goods can be delivered with a longer payment period and NOOS goods are delivered against a commission.

Even with our smart invoicing solution, you receive daily installments during the credit period. 


With commission agreements, you have the opportunity to move the stock to other stores if the goods do not sell as expected in the store, and thus optimize your sales results.

We also have smart solutions for returns – through, for example, collaborations with outlets or discounted purchases of residual stock.

Increased distribution

Increase the distribution of goods by delivering them to the store and get paid directly when the goods are sold to the end customer.

Ensures payments

With Splitgrid, you get paid when the item is sold – either through partial payment of the invoice or through a commission agreement, which minimizes the risk of not getting paid on time.

No fixation

Choose when and how you want to post your agreements. Without binding time. the agreement is deactivated when you choose to close it in our portal.

Why Splitgrid?

Regular sales reports.

Use Splitgrid’s payout report as a basis for a zero invoice.

Larger orders.

The cost is regulated between the store and the supplier (or other party). The adjustment usually takes place via a percentage distribution of the sales amount.

Easier administration.

Easier administration.

Automated order placement.

Automated order placement.

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Splitgrid is the service that makes everyone a winner. The software integrates with the store’s cash register system or e-commerce and can automatically distribute sales revenue between merchants, suppliers and even property owners. The agreements are based on commission or a smart invoice with a long term and instalments.